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Where it all began

Rock Stone Silk is a family-owned business, born from a eureka moment back in 2014, it was a conversation around the dining table that sowed the seed of what we think is a great idea. In October 2017 Rock Stone Silk was incorporated and the exciting development stage began.


Behind the scenes Rock Stone Silk, we are supported by an amazing team of people. Collectively, they are an energetic, ambitious and vocal group, all sharing the same ethos for hard work.

Diane initially worked in Interiors and Design, specialising in paint finishes. However, a passion for flying and the desire to travel the world saw her take a different path which led to a long career in Aviation. Having worked primarily in training and development, Diane has extensive industry knowledge and is experienced in all aspects of business.  She has continued her artesian flair for interiors and design through numerous projects, both professionally and personally. Diane is responsible for the commercial, strategic and creative direction of the company.

Rock Stone Silk in the studio
Rock Stone Silk in the studio

Terry is a Geoscientist by background, having worked several years in the Energy industry. Since his early years at university Terry has amassed a huge collection of samples from some of the finest ancient geological sites around the world. It is from these ancient sites and his body of work that we have created the building blocks for our designs; we have the provenance of our own data collection and sample preparation. Terry continues to work in industry and acts in an advisory capacity ensuring the quality, integrity and provenance of the designs are maintained. 

Our vision

Rock Stone Silk is proud to be a British brand with a global vision. We aim to be a leading lifestyle brand that is associated with quality and exclusivity. 

Our products are made in the UK by British manufacturers.

As part of our commitment to growth and sustainability, we are always looking to make incremental improvements to our working practices. We look to partner with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors who share our passion for quality and workmanship, as well as our ethical stance on fair trade and the circular economy.

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